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                                                          Greg Allen Murray has been in Christian service since his graduation from Bob Jones                                                                            University in 1995. While in graduate school, he served as music director for two churches                                                                 in Georgia. Upon finishing his graduate work in music at BJU in 1998, he began his full-                                                                       time service for the Lord. His involvement in full-time ministry is currently two-pronged:                                                                     he travels as the music evangelist for the Mike Pelletier Evangelistic Team and manages                                                                       his music company, Murray Music Ministries.

                                                         Greg was born on December 1, 1971 in Muncie, Indiana. He made a profession of faith                                                                        at the age of nine but later realized he had never truly repented of his sins. In February of                                                                  1995 he repented of his sins and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior. While growing                                                                    up in a solid Christian home he attended Heritage Hall Christian School. He received his                                                                      training for the ministry at Bob Jones University, graduating with a B.S. in Music Education                                                                  and an M.A. in Church Music in 1998.

                                                         While attending BJU, Greg won the Men's Voice competition, sang various understudy                                                                         and solo roles in the BJU Opera Company, sang solos for other University functions,                                                                             participated in Dr. McCauley's Vesper choir, University Chorale, Faculty Men's Chorus, and traveled on a musical ministry team for a semester. He also plays the trombone.

 On June 10, 1995, Greg married Heather Boozman. Heather currently serves as the team secretary, and is involved as pianist and musician for the team; she also assists Becky Pelletier with the children's meetings.

Greg and Heather are starting in their 17th year of music evangelism.


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