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Summer 2017

I can hardly believe how quickly this year has flown by and we are already well into August. The

blessings of God are too numerable to even attempt to share. We've seen many souls saved, as

well as lives refreshed and encouraged in their zeal for our Savior. We never cease to be amazed

that God would choose to use us.

We just returned from a mission trip to Honduras. It was our first trip there and we thoroughly

enjoyed it. We were surprised to find that many spoke English but we still used an interpreter,

and did our music in Spanish each night. We had not met several of the missionaries that we

were with, but our hearts were quickly knit together with them. It's always a thrill to find the

common bond that God gives as we are all part of the family of God. Our first meetings were in

San Pedro Sula with Missionary Johnny Binzel at Gethsemane Baptist Church. We had great

meetings there, as well as a very profitable pastor’s fellowship meeting. From there we

ministered with Missionary Paul Howell. They have a wonderful church, and an exciting youth

group. Many of the youth are gifted musicians. We enjoyed a string orchestra, and a

tremendous choir there. From there we moved to El Progresso where Missionary Matt Goins

pastors El Fargo Baptist Church. This is a larger church with a children’s home and a medical

clinic is under constructing. We held three services there. Finally, we ministered in a Philippine

church and a rural church with Missionary Sam Conover back in San Pedro Sula. It was a

blessing to minister with one of my contemporaries who attended college at Bob Jones

University the same period in which I attended. Sam is doing a wonderful job for the Lord. All

together we were blessed to see between 35 and 40 people trust Christ as savior, and many

churches revived. We were in five different churches in the two weeks that we were there, and

also had the opportunity to minister in a large school. We are already making plans to return as

God provides. We absolutely love our mission trips, and come back refreshed, excited, and

anxious to go back each time we take these trips. We have just been invited to minister in Liberia

and would love to go in November 2018. We are already praying that God will provide the

needed funds for this trip.

We are starting up our fall schedule and look forward to seeing what God will do in the coming

weeks. We have a few openings available in November and December. If we could be a blessing

and encouragement to your church please contact us. The time is short and we want to use our

time to see souls saved. "The harvest truly is plenteous..." Matthew 9:37. We covet your

prayers as we continue to serve the Lord in the field of evangelism.

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